Who’s Scared

I read the headline about our economic state this morning, “EVEN DR. DOOM IS SCARED.”

Gotta love that journalistic spin on things, eh? I suppose I understand the concept of active writing to lure in the reader and I certainly appreciate that it will sell more ads. Of course, if I were an advertiser, I may freak out as well, and pull my bucks out of the media. After all, if we are in such dire straits, I mustn’t spend more money.

No doubt the country is struggling in a historic way. It is tough, tragic and sometimes depressing. I ask though, where the hell are the cheerleaders? Other than our president and a few trade associations (including CAR and NAR), all I hear is news of imminent destruction. Okay, I get it! On the other hand, if we are to win this one, we need to get fired up to go at it harder.

My day blog (click on it above) speaks of my viewpoint on fear.

Have a beautiful day.

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