I knew the day would come. We’ve become a nation of Blackberry carryin’, e-mail checkin, Facebook obsessed texters.

What happened?

I suppose in our quest for instant gratification, we caught a side effect–namely self imposed obsessive compulsive behavior. I mean, who isn’t flattered when a perfect stranger walks up to your virtual doorway and asks to be your friend? And isn’t is just a little curious why so many people have this voyeuristic notion to peek at what you’ve been writing, or better yet, what others write about you?

The best part is that you can create yourself to be anything you want. Post the glamour photos, rather than bed-head at the campground, then copy and paste someone else’s quotes from that Google search. Don’t you think that will make you appear clever, soulful and deep? They’ll never know, right?

I recently made a pact to only check my Facebook messages 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes before bed time. That’s enough. Though I now own a Blackberry Storm, I’ve vowed to use it only for business. Enough is enough.

Gotta go now. Just got beeped. I think my friend Mack commented on my new photo.

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One response to “IS IT REAL, OR IS IT FACEBOOK?

  • nan fischer

    What happened to ‘knock yourself out on the weekends’? Just kidding.I agree, we need to get selective with technology. It will rule your life and take you farther and farther away from yourself, the antithesis of a spiritual journey. That’s why I’ve kept my facebook friends to a minimum and don’t have a Blackberry. It’s what drives me to go outside and walk every day and keep on with creative projects.On the other hand, it’s no different than watching movies or reading at night. It’s a past time. When it’s used for the wrong reasons, though, is when it gets dangerous and unhealthy.Good on you for being aware, Mike.


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