U.S. Government Expected To Own 70% Of GM

I am pleased to see our government so involved in business. From cars to banking to insurance, it’s a dream come true. Perhaps they can introduce the business model for the US Post Office? Oh, wait, I forgot, they are losing their bums too. I will concede that we are in such a colossal mess, there may be few options to save these industries. We elected these Joes (and Joannes) to take action and effect results, so I suppose they should do their jobs and the public should keep quiet.


Please tell us, after the untold billions are spent and it’s the end of the day, what’s different? How do we get repaid? Are we merely prolonging the agony? What;s the exit strategy?

Though I’m glad to see no one is rolling over to die, it seems that we, the taxpayers, as the true owners of these companies at least deserve the respect that common shareholders receive. Heck, we had no choice, but to invest.
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