TV: We’re Still Watching

Sorry, but I have to agree with the pundits on this one. Certainly you cannot judge the entire country’s viewing habits by a limited poll, just as you cannot take the word of an employee of Neilsen.

TV has long been the all consuming and undisputed staple of home entertainment. However, just as radio influenced our book reading and TV took a huge swipe at radio, the internet and related tech toys are making waves with the mix. Sure, we still surf radio stations while driving, read the paper on Sunday morning and maybe watch all the special events or favorite shows on television. On the other hand, the new kid in town provides an interactive world, where we may participate and perhaps become a part of the show. At the end of the day it’s all fluffy mind candy, but open your eyes Mr. and Ms. TV Land. It’s a new world out there. Instead of defending an increasingly stodgy position, embrace the new media and show some innovation. Oh, and none of us “typical people” like to be referred to as such. Last check, we all had unique fingerprints.

Just saying…
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