Prop 8 Decision: Gay Marriage Ban Upheld By California Supreme Court

Remind me again, why are we supposed to be afraid of same sex marriage or gay parents? More than 2,000 years after some Jewish home builder (arguably) thought enough of us poor saps to allow a band of seedy characters to nail him to a poorly built cross, we still have issue? Perhaps they are still looking for the scrolls that say, “He died for all of us, except the gays.”

Come on! Whether you believe in Jesus, Buddah or just live a well and decent life, I cannot fathom that in 2009 we still have issue with this. Aren’t we the leader of the free friggin world or something like that?

I had a tough time explaining to my 12-year-old daughter why more Americans than not are terrified by the thought of gay marriage. All to the backdrop of CNN recapping the latest suicide bombers…
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