Letterman Responds To Palin Over Jokes (VIDEO)

Though I don’t usually pay heed to the national circus that evolves with flippant jokes, this one caught my attention. I will say first of all, that Letterman’s late night show certainly gives him leeway to push the limits of taste. After all, it is his premise and you can opt not to watch if you are easily offended. On the other hand, I am disgusted by the idea of lewd and lavisious comments, no matter how they are delivered, issued towards a young girl who is well known only through her mother’s career. This is a national stage and I think Letterman owes Palin’s daughter a sincere apology, as well as to every other young woman out there. For the record, I am not a Palin fan either politically or personally, but I have a daughter too, and she has every right to be outraged.
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