Whistling Past the Economic Graveyard: The Audacity of Misplaced Hope

Sure, stocks are up, consumer confidence has improved and most of us get out of bed in the morning. Don’t confuse numbness with misplaced confidence though. If you happen to be living the life of an unemployed single mom or just had a home foreclosed, while shrugging your college educated shoulders on the way to that part-time job at Taco Bell–well, seems you still get it. The economy is still in the tank and we have a long ways to go–whether to reinvent the systems or fix what we have. Should the mainstream media throw in a few positive words and inspire hopeful action? Absolutely. They helped create this negative whirlpool and we need them to shed a little cheer, rather than micro-criticize each and every program or action. Its time to take a chill break, I think.

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