More Than a Mouthful

Norman, Norman, Norman. If only you could taste the sweet and ripe fruit that blossomed with this tale. How dare you trifle her writing back in the day? If this book were a meal, I’d say I am fully satisfied–all the way through dessert.

Sure, all the ingredients are in the mix–humor, sex, famous encounters, awkward moments and certainly conflict. Like a great chef though–it takes skill to put it all together in a form, fit to serve on the “good” plates. Oh hell, for that matter, this could be slapped on a paper napkin and lose no luster.

The story grabbed me from the onset. Carole Mallory gets right to the meat. No elaborate staging or explanation–just a pure and direct look at a fascinating situation told in a most intriguing way–set in a period of history that seems as oxymoronic as her devotion to this complicated man/icon. Her skilled prose makes you that coveted fly on the wall.

While I mostly avoid “tell alls” or celebrity gossip reading, this is far removed from that genre–but who would know? Yes, there is explicit and raw detail which could put a few well-positioned men in hiding for awhile. That is only the dessert, however. Throughout is a back-story of pain, masked with the cover of humor. At the end of the road, we find bittersweet triumph fused with a down-to-earth class which (unintentionally, I’m sure, ha ha ha) puts Mr. Mailer in his rightful place. And so it goes…

Like that aforementioned great meal, though I have finished, I am wanting for more.

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