Come On Now!

A couple of years ago, a local high school teacher broke in to the school safe to steal money from football ticket sales. Now the dude may not like sports, but come on! Anyway, it was well publicized and he was eventually convicted, given community service and lost his job. Case closed!

Last Thursday our local weekly published a headline story–written by a moronic part time reporter who took the opportunity to label said convicted-thief teacher a victim and we should have sympathy for the poor guy.

Please don’t get me started.

Rarely do I write letters to the editor, but this time I had to and it follows this link to the story.

You’ve lost your edge, Mr. O’Neill. Trash the town of Paradise; it’s school district and even make a generalization about the demographics. All to put a rosy spin on your friend’s actions. Talk about one-sided, biased journalism. I read through your article–sought out perspective, but found little.

Before you call me out to say I missed the point, I will add that I have a 24-year-old son who was just given a two-year vacation to San Quentin. Car theft. Oh yes, he is a Norteno also. I love my son very much and of my four kids, he is the one who has gone astray. I will not make excuses for him though. Like the rest of the world, we are all confronted with decisions each day and then given ample opportunity to consider the range of choices. Should one make a bad pick, it seems fitting to accept responsibility, take the consequences, learn from it and then move on, rather than seek out reasons, excuses and justification. Reminds me of said son’s reply so many years ago upon a stint in school detention. “My teacher hates me. She is mean to everyone and nobody like her.”

By the way, my son also is diagnosed with ADHD and Bi-Polar. Sad and frustrating, but still not good enough to justify a crime against another. So give me a break Jamie O’Neill! You have offended me with this one and I think perhaps you should take one cue from Mr. Hughes…. go back to community college. Learn what journalism is all about…

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