Where’s Yogi?

Woke with the intent to post a clever blog, but wit and creativity eluded me this morning. Instead I watched cartoons with my kid.

Used to be Sponge Bob, Roadrunner and Dora The Explorer. Three fine shows…produced in the U.S.

Now it’s Dragonball Z, Sonic X and Yu Gi Oh! All, as far as I can tell are produced in Japan.


I understand that we have become a global economy and much of our manufacturing is done elsewhere. Saves dough for our corporations, keeps pricing down for you and me. In some cases, the outsourced products are superior.

I guess we have more jobs than we know what to do with, so no big deal, right?

I will concede that the “superior product” issue has pulled some of our manufacturers out of their cave and caused improvement in method, efficiency and finally, quality of product. GM and Ford are two examples.

This day though, I am concerned that we are importing this venerable institution—Saturday Morning Cartoons. In my world, it was Yogi Bear reruns, Scoobie Doo and Pink Panther. I’ll admit that Penelope Pitstop and Josie and the Pussycats were lame—but my sis loved ‘em.

Okay, so tell me why we have to import creativity? Is it really cheaper to purchase video feeds from Japan? Where are the American animators? Not the big shots at Pixar, rather bread and butter guys/gals. Have they taken hourly positions at failing print publications—resizing photos and applying special effects?

I know my view is simple and somewhat naïve, but I’m beginning to get upset about this massive imbalance of domestic production. Tradition does not often create wealth, but come on!

Why did you have to kill the funnies?

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