Stop The Time!

Tick tock, tick tock.

That is boldly printed on page 1 of a 200-leaf book. Nothing else.

So you flip to page 2. Tick tock, tick tock.

And so it goes, page after page. How far will you go— Tick tock, tick tock, flip page; repeat…

At first it would seem prelude to action. Something’s gotta happen—and soon. Right?

Tick tock, tick tock.

And you keep reading. On and on, just as you were trained. Seeking a theme, purpose or even a goddamned punch line.

But nothing arrives.

How far will you read?

Alright, finally—just flipped to page 44. Emblazoned in dull black and white, paperback quality print is a photo. No caption, no explanation, just the picture. Not quite that 6:00-A.M.-alarm-clock experience, but a break in monotony nonetheless.

It’s a woman, sitting at the breakfast table. Pretty enough, with a shock of frizzy blondish hair framing her makeup free face. Her dark eyes are open wide and she appears to gaze beyond the camera lens. As she bites on a bagel, her free hand lifts a steaming cup of coffee…

A quick glance at page 45 reads, Tick tock, tick tock. And so it continues again—on and on and on…

The passage of time was interrupted by an episode of “not much going on here.”

Will you continue reading? Perhaps to anticipate something more important happening? Or do you lose patience and skip to the end? Toss the novel aside and start  another? Write an angry email to the publisher?

Some of us may think, “If that yo-yo author can snake a book deal on the passage of time, WTF? I could write a book and actually make something happen. Surely that’ll be a best seller.

Time to write, yes?

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