Who I Woke Up With This Morning…

“It seems like a good day.”

Sure, the rain pours outside, laundry needs washing and all those problems I left at the office will be waiting first thing Monday morning.

But it still seems like a good day.

Woke up to an empty bed. Again. To boot, my kids are with their mom this weekend.

Even so…seems like a good day.

Another year is almost past. That book I promised to finish…hardly a word added these past 12 months.

Wave of blue—but…seems like a good day.

Received an early morning wake up call from a friend. She asked, “Tell me again, why did you sell that successful restaurant in this enchanted coastal village? Then you packed up to live in Paradise, California? Isn’t that a poor mountain town? And you are in the real estate biz?  Michael, Michael, Michael. What were you thinking?”

Yes, she did say my name three times. Felt like a dull, serrated knife stab with each echo.

Just took a sip of  coffee. The steam rolled and fogged the glasses I now have to wear for reading. The radio blasts a song. Same tune I once gifted to my very recent past girlfriend. Have to close my eyes for a moment…

Turn my head toward sliding glass door. The back yard is cold, dark and wet.

But it still seems like a good day.

Everything is stacked against this Saturday. My arguably ADD mind races with all things wrong in my life, while the external forces slap me silly. I should be in my cave, under the covers, yes?

In 1939, Lou Gehrig said to a packed Yankee Stadium, “Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

Keep in mind, he had been diagnosed with a fatal disease that forced him to retire from his passion and would kill him two years later.

I have not been diagnosed with a fatal disease—in fact I’m quite healthy. Four beautiful children  love me unconditionally. I am in awe that so many friends accept, care and check in with me—a lot—despite the flaws and idiosyncrasies I bring to the table. Oh yes, there is an absolutely wonderful group of people that I have the pleasure of working with each day.

As I tell my 12 year old Nick, “Take the time to stop…then breathe. Look out the window. What do you see? Chew slow and laugh out loud.”

I am not a famous ball player on the national stage, rather a simple guy in the foothills of northern California. I will pirate Lou’s quote though, cause I am overwhelmed with the abundant wealth and fame that I do possess. Yes, rich with love and happiness and certainly well known to all the people who are important in my world.

Today is a great day!

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