How Do You Open This Gift?

“What did you get?”

Ah, the thrill of the gift…to give; to receive.

For  kids, so many squeals of delight, big hugs… raw charm of unconditional warmth and security. Your loved one…with that look—the one that puts you right inside her soul…Christmas does that.

Comes and goes so quickly…makes sense though, for it is merely a reflection.

I am thankful for my gifts…Eric, Jeff, Mikala, Nick and Breanna—the five most precious children on the planet.

My healthy parents, who somehow managed to allow a wandering boy to get out and discover the world.

All those wonderful friends who care enough to have patience with all that baggage I carry around.

Of course, that incredible group of people I work with—such an eclectic mix and it all works to create another family.

Ask me what I received for Christmas last year–and all the prior times? It is not the bow topped presents or fancy bags that come to mind. In fact, I’ve forgotten most of those. Rather, it is the affirmation and renewal of the love I have already. That’s what I remember and that is what makes my heart smile this year…

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