Let’s Get It Start-e-ed

There you go again…

Seems the dawn of a new year draws reflection. “What lies in store?” or “Who has passed?” All those “best of” and “worst of” blurbs. And yes, resolutions…

So Mike, what was it you committed to last year?


New approach for 2011…

History and nostalgia will have its place—but cannot spoil the mood. On the other hand, while the future is important and good planning essential, they will not rule the day. Too much goddamned pondering.

No more long nights beating myself up over what I failed to accomplish. Like…the unfinished book…camping trip with the kids…succeed at the relationship thing…yikes!

And then—the short-lived euphoria that fuels musing of the future. Will always begin with a bold statement like, “Slow down to notice the budding flowers of Spring,” or “This is the year I get in touch with the inner Michael.”

All fine and good, right? So why; when the time comes to act on those promissory testimonials, I’m prompted to ask, “WTF?”

The little voice  inside  dials up to a roar and  screams, “Get real dude! Your touchy-feely self only exists in a late night, self-serving blog, or maybe you’re trying to impress some cutie, yes? It aint’ gonna happen…you have once again “F” worded (F-A-I-L-E-D). So get over yourself and go back to the still place.”

Ouch! That always smarts.

Back to the new approach. 2011 will be…is… the year of right now.

Wait, let me restate that—Now is the present and always will be.

That sounds better…

To remain in the moment is liberating—perhaps akin to watching an edge-of-the-seat football game or rousing concert, or even (gasp!) engaged in a romantic interlude where goo-goo eyes keep me hypnotized.

Difference is—stay in the moment while driving to Costco. Or lying on the beach. Or during quiet night times. It will require a focus that has been elusive. Such as, more eye contact, listen to the words of a song, read a sentence twice and…of course…breathe.

Certainly, to fend those demons of the past and also tasks of tomorrow will be difficult indeed. Maybe though, just maybe; a shift in attitude will temper the volume some.

Better hurry up and get started. No time like the present…

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