Sore Feet or Sore Fingers?

Yup, it’s another Monday holiday. This one for Martin Luther King Jr.

So many bloggers and caffeine fueled hand wringers  scribble his cause. Fancy words will verse how freedom  for all defines the legacy. That he was a great man with plenty of vision. And, oh so ahead of his time.

Blah, blah, blah.

Do these quasi-correct writers impress you?

Come the hell on! Dr. King did not just talk the talk. He marched with the black m/woman. With the white m/woman. With any m/woman, for that matter. He was spit on, kicked, harassed unmercifully and disdained by an entire generation.

Yet he persevered.

He marched on. He entered ramshackle homes to comfort the sick, dying and dejected. There was little thought of grandeur in his life, though he well understood the value of mass publicity for his movement.

His work shifted an entire society. Women’s rights, minority rights, gay rights—perhaps even the cause for our ever shrinking global society.

And for all the good he created, this young man paid the ultimate price. Which, I’m certain he would do again, given the chance.

So…for all you pajama-clad keyboarders who would take an hour to think of words for the Internet, I challenge you to convert that energy into an act of kindness. Toward a stranger. Or your husband, wife or significant other. Take your kid for a walk.

Then talk the talk.

I think that’s what this day is about.

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