Nothing Else Matters…For Now

Watched a dad walk in to the supermarket with his two boys—probably about 4 and 5 years old. One hung on his leg while the other raced ahead, giggling.

Gave me pause…

For so many years, I was that dad. At times it felt constraining, but mostly happy and content.

Tonight I hung out with my two youngest, 14-year-old Mikala and 13-year-old Nick. Dinner, talk about school, silly songs and a ton of laughs. They don’t stay so tight as the old days, but continue to steal my heart.

…saw a photo of a Japanese family, post tsunami. A mother, father, young girl and a boy. Despite the shell shock, hunger and helplessness, I could see in their eyes; only that which another parent would know. They were still together and for the moment, that was enough.

Godspeed, brothers and sisters of Japan…



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