10 years have passed. We have felt anger, sadness and then bittersweet emptiness after Bin Laden was killed. “Revenge will be sweet,” we thought for so long.

In 2011, the world is not a more dangerous place, so much as we are simply more aware. Social media provides an instant outlet for those who terrorize, and also for the journalists who spin our fear in quest of more story…

Us mortals  post You-Tube videos of patriotic songs on our Facebook page—maybe tweet a rant of muse or anger—in between halftime of course.

Seems we’ve been hammered by those who would destroy us…for a very long time. Started with the British in the late 1700s, shamefully we killed our own in the dark shadows of the civil war, awkwardly became involved in the tragic Indian wars and several overseas conflicts, which we felt the need to jump in. Along came too, the world wars—changing the face of the free world.

On and on. That we’ve resumed routine-ordinary is a testimony to our resilience.

So a group of modern punks have a great network of hiding spots and a few brainy martyrs  in the ranks. Wreak  havoc through the world—at least until they realize we will take them out in the end—not so unlike the stubborn roaches in big-city apartment buildings. Same approach—different sprays.

As I again watch the footage of the twin towers, it brings back the day. I know well how the Pearl Harbor generation felt (and still feels) each December 7th.

Days of infamy.

And also days that define the solid foundations of our great nation. Takes more than a rogue group to shake us for more than a minute.

The questions though…will we  leverage that might  and  breed new growth through peace? Can oil become less significant than the lives of our children, who just a few years ago sat on the back porch with us, eating a cupcake, enjoying the bright moon and “talking about things,” …but now serve in the military with a fierce determination that other kids may continue to have those quiet and safe moments?

If it is not ever possible, I will at least keep watch through a tinted view of naïve hope…and cheer like the rest, as we blast those evil-spirited, less than human terrorists to smithereens..


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