The pat answer to, “Dad, will you play video games with me?” or “Dad, can we play a board game?” is so often;

“Later hon.”

What if they said, “Dad, life is short. I am getting older and will soon be an adult. You are getting older too and will some day watch me play with my own children…and muse how you should have spent that kind of time with me. You are busy with work and stuff, but my little world centers on you. Why can’t you care enough to take the time to play with me right now? When you are gone to heaven, I want to sit outside at night and tell stories about the times we spent together and how you always put me first. I want to point at the twinkling star and say that is my daddy watching over us. So Dad, will you play with me?”

Listen closely, cause they may stop asking…

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One response to “DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME?

  • Senessa

    OH man that is really what I need to hear, so often I am so worried about a clean house and laundry that I don’t take REAL time with my kids, but some past events have made me realize that this is the time that matters!


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