Never did you fail to light a room, for you always managed to connect with whomever was near. Your humor was contagious and navigated through many a pickle—even when you were in serious trouble by me. No one has ever received so many new chances in my circle—as you told me often, “Mike, you should have fired me long ago.”

But…you were indeed a talented, charismatic and most importantly genuine member of our extended family. Wouldn’t have been the same without you.

You have left us…and also the world behind. There is a void of unfinished conversation, laughs and memories. No more, will you so openly offer anyone who seemed to need it…a kind word. After my mentor and partner passed less than three months ago, you reached out to offer freely the use of your cabin and second home in Oregon. No hoopla, simply a private gesture by a friend…

We will miss you Steve Litsey. Yes, Steve Williams and I would call you “Lipitski “and you would so calmly reply, “There is no ‘P’ in Lipitski.” …to be followed by a series of back and forth good-humored digs—as us “regular” guys often do.

Rest peacefully my friend. You will always be a part of our family tree and as you would joke, “A ghost in the night who wreaks havoc with the up-room computer.”


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