What to do when Saturday is half over and I still sit at the computer, wearing pajamas? How does the energy shift from blah to motivation?

Is it because no one, or no event calls for action?

Or maybe, cause the closed drapes lock out the light, thus shielding me from an active world outside?

Perhaps the abundance of possible activities overwhelms to cause brain freeze….

Could go for a walk, work in the yard, head to the gym, drive to town, hop on the Harley, call a friend or have a conversation with my son. To read a book is possible—or there might be a good movie. Ah, here’s an idea…could write in my book. That’s a major start-stop project that begs attention.

“Dad,” my son speaks, as he walks toward his room. “I’m tired. Think I’ll take a little nap.”

Okay, it’s getting really desolate now.

Choices, choices, choices. Made one—wrote this blog.

Next choice is… no more choices. Open up the house (just did) to let in fresh air and sunshine. Watch the falling leaves swirl, while the birds and squirrels go about their business.

Feeling that energy soar.

Let’s see how the day unfolds.

Life is good.

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