All it takes is a drive to the mall or  walk through Best Buy to get stressed out about Christmas. Gifts, gifts, gifts. Have to  win those “oohs” and “ahs,” yes? Don’t want to disappoint the kids…

Recently took a visit to last year–and then the year before. Could barely remember what I gave, let alone received. Smiled though, at  Saturday nights spent cruising Christmas lights, grinned big at the thought of my youngest son’s face, as he stuffed it with turkey, potatoes and rolls. My daughter discussed her take of the season and the spirit of helping less fortunate folks. Made me proud of how much she has grown.

My son Jeff, speaking of his first Christmas as a newlywed and how they will celebrate in Arkansas. My oldest, Eric, who has been in a rough patch that only a few know–texted, “Merry Xmas Dad. Love you”

No, it’s not the gifts…but the moments. Store-bought wears out, while memories only grow…

Okay, back to Amazon. Still buying, but with a whole new fervor…

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2 responses to “HOW MANY DAYS LEFT?

  • Lydia "Elle" Nolan

    As the kids grow, we realize that “presents” mean nothing to them either: THEY don’t even remember what they were. They DO, however, remember the memories, whether we played baseball, or watched a movie all together, or played games. In the end, there is no remembrance about gifts at all…do you remember what your parents got you, or why? I remember why, and it makes me miss them all the more.

    Don’t try for the oo’s and ahhhs too much, Michael, but spend if you want, only don’t forget the memorable moments….we must plan to MAKE them ourselves, on purpose! (You can buy me something though, if you want: I’ll remember…;D)


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