I hate New Year’s resolutions!

Let me say it again, “I HATE NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS!”

They don’t last.


Sure, there is  ado with the notion of an “accountability partner” or some other “coffee talk” idea.

Blah, blah. Doesn’t work in my world.

It’s always been easy to create the year-end muse. Formula = list the regrets and all things that pissed you off this year. Then go backwards.

My examples have been… Shoulda spent more time with the kids, didn’t finish writing my book, blew that relationship, forgot to call mom on her birthday….

“Voila!” sez me.

  1. Spend more time with the kids
  2. Finish the book
  3. Grow the love
  4. Call Mom

Whew! Let’s call it a day and party in the New Year, yes?

Not so fast. At the risk of offending Hallmark, Bev-Mo and Yahoo E-cards, I say it’s all a scam, designed to put you in a mood to buy cards, gifts and booze, once you realize you have again failed your astute goals.

What to do? Can’t let the ball drop without some sort of life altering commitment, right?

A friend’s recent question—“What are your resolutions for 2012?”  inspired this rant and also caused me angst to find an answer.

I hung up the phone and decided to jump off the planet for a minute. Turned off the media, hushed my son and sat in silence.

Within a moment, it filled my senses to where I had to jump up and write the words. Didn’t jump though, rather stayed put and let the thoughts season. Still in that quiet place…my inside voice spoke, “It is not empty promises to yourself that effect change.

Gotta go deep. To the core. Don’t change anything; rather take what you do now and simply focus…”

So——–my 2012 direction is simple. Less than a sentence even.

… breathe….. look around…breathe again…then act…..

Happy New Year, with side dishes of hope, love and prosperity. ♥♥

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3 responses to “NOT AGAIN?

  • Lydia "Elle" Nolan

    Okay, I get you. I agree as well. I don’t believe any good comes from benign promises, at the height of party frenzy. But one thing I might point out. It’s like every morning you wake up and say: today’s a new day. Whatever I did yesterday is over, tomorrow can’t be guaranteed, so today is the day to DO! Today is the present (gift). Or whatever. The point I’m making is this. So many people struggle with their hopes and dreams and beat themselves up with a sense of failure for not achieving those hopes & dreams this year. Let them attempt again, like a new day, what’s the harm. As for you and me, though, I get it; it’s true, I don’t like to promise, but as you say “Breathe, look around, breathe again, then act…” which is what I like to say (similarly) that has nothing to do with timing or motivation. I say: JUST DO IT. I don’t even want to look at the calendar anymore, I just want to “get ‘er done!” Go forward, Mike, and ACT upon your longings…get ‘er done!

    Elle Nolan


    • Mike Butson

      Lucid type awareness is my current mantra. Hope to keep it rolling through 2012 and beyond. Thanks for the great comments Elle. Happy New Year!!


      • Lydia "Elle" Nolan

        Mike, once again, I am on the height of verbiage! LOL. Well, let me explain. I had a wordpress blog a long time ago, but only recently hooked into it again, thanks to yours. Would you mind following me, (even if you really don’t want to 😉 and get me started hopefully with others as well, some folks who might be interesting. I admit, the very first one is a fantasy and a little freaky, but you will eventually probably like it (I hope.) Anyway: (ty)


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