ImageSo…where’s that grand idea now? You know, the project you were so excited about…not so long ago?

Is it sitting on your desk? Stored on a hard drive? In your head still?

Or…have you birthed…and then grown it through action steps?


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One response to “WELL??

  • Elle Nolan

    Okay then, you want to know? I got a “POKE” on FB and you aren’t even there….so I wondered if someone ELSE was playing a trick on me, but WHY? What did I ever do to them to make it seem like you wanted to interact and then find that you did not? Hmmmm, interesting…. So. Was it or was it NOT you? It SAID “Mike Butson,” and then ….. HE disappeared…I see your posts are sadly neglected here, too….what’s up with you, bud?


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