Seems Facebook navigated through the spotlight and has settled, yes?

Ah, but still it grows, with over 900 million members last count. Do we sign up to relish the marvelous novelty, which allows anyone to interact with all who say “Friend?” Or  simply to stick our feet in the virtual water to see what this fuss is about?

In my world, save for a few bored folks who forever crave attention, the product of social media has become an avenue (albeit arguably lazy) to get in touch, stay in touch and just as easily disappear back to a lonely web abyss.

These days, I no longer feel compelled to regularly post, lest I be forgotten or become yesterday’s news. But—when I do load that photo…or snippet of news…or impulsive remark—who  cares whether “COMMENT,” “LIKE,” “TAG” or “POKE” light up the monitor, right?

Does my ego need that much feeding?

Um….yes, to be honest.

Don’t judge me too quickly though. Some of you have emailed, called or even face-to-faced (gasp!) me, only to ask if I viewed a certain post, and if so, why didn’t I “COMMENT?”

To be honest though, mostly I didn’t, as I only visit Facebook on occasion. At least so far as I will admit to you…

So…how does that merit 10 minutes spent writing this blog?

Well, to me, it appears social media is maturing.


It’s part of routine life and no longer contains such obsessiveness as that which launched a college connection site in to one of the most valuable companies on the planet. Like the automobile, telephone and computer, it is what it is and one shall choose to utilize as one will. In short, it is ingrained in our culture, like it or not.

In my humble opinion, it means the beta has passed and social media has comfortably arrived. And yes, our privacy has become a new business model—whether to exploit mercilessly in the form of “Googalicious ads” or  protect fiercely via some “for profit” company, which offers to keep you out of the mix.

Samuel P. Morse! Look what you started.

P.S. Gonna share this on Facebook now…

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2 responses to “DYING OR JUST RESTING?

  • lightlovelaughterlearning

    When I was a girl scout, in Western Australia where I lived there was an annual Guide Jamboree. I met a girl guide from Japan, Switzerland, Papua New Guinea and many from other states of Australia.

    At the end of our wonderful week of ‘guide adventure’ and badge merits we all swapped addresses and promised to stay in contact.

    We had met, become friends and shared personal stories in getting to know each other.

    That’s what Facebook is to me, simple a platform. No longer do I write on paper, seal an envelope or lick a stamp to contact my overseas friends.

    I join, I log on, I post, I comment and I write for all my chosen friends to see.

    I read, I listen and I watch all the comments and posts my friends share with me.

    Sure, this Facebook platform comes with the knowledge I share my information with more than I realise, that my choices are followed and companies pay Facebook for my statistics.

    Sure, I know that my photo’s never really are deleted, and my posts never really are ‘old’ and my comments never can be removed, because cyber space keeps everything.

    So to me it’s the same communication but a different media.

    Not so scary to me, after all, writing my heart and soul and secrets down on paper can be time consuming and in our fast busy world, Facebook allows me to send a ‘cheerio’ to 20 or more friends in the time it used to take me to write one letter!

    Love your work MIke!

    Light and Love from a friend overseas………..Margit x


  • Lydia Elle Nolan

    I won’t put on airs, and give you the standard accolades here, just wanted to know why this site looks neglected. You know us creative types, of which YOU are one… we cannot go without presenting ourselves somewhere amidst the din of voices that claim extraordinary insight. I KNOW you have it, so….where have you gone to ignite and dispose it?

    I’m STILL trying to make an author’s place in the world, how about you?


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