Charlie Brown

Seems to me, the Internet has evolved an ever so paranoid society of people who replace that handshake with a quick Google name search or an exhausting prowl through those Facebook pics and posts. Ronald Reagan had a favorite little thought (pre-internet)….”Trust, but verify.”

Do we take that too far? Or finally, have the means to be transparent and then weed out the shadows?

Or, did that extra cup of coffee get me thinking too much this Sunday morning?

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3 responses to “REALLY?

  • Anonymous

    Kind of like that commercial with the woman who believes everything on the internet is true and goes on a date with the “french model”. I like to think I always verify, for my sake, or if I think a friend may be harmed, point out where they need to fact check. Just call me Mrs. Kravitz. LOL


  • Margit Borbas

    I was only just thinking the other day, how my big kids (21 & 19) don’t ask after me as they did pre-internet life, Friends and family read about it all on social media and are updated by daily posts. The good ol’ phone calls to catch up on gossip, check in or ‘see how you are doing?’ are becoming prehistoric!


  • Mike Butson

    I don’t know about other people, but I miss those phone calls…


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