spider_and_the_fly3Hint to my non realtor friends–If you see a link that says, “Click Here to Instantly Find Out What Your Home’s  Worth,” here is the extended translation…

Leveraging curiosity to get you to my landing page, capture your email and phone number in attempt to gain permission to call, email and then stick you in a drip marketing campaign till you either break down and do business with me, unsubscribe or die. Oh yea, the ‘instant value‘ is based on inflexible algorithms that contain as many factors that do not apply as do. In effect, you will be confused by the result and perhaps be inspired to call me for further detail, cause I have the wisdom that the other thousands of realtors do not. You know that to be true, cause of this clever link in my email signature, yes?

OK, I’ll admit I have that type of link in my email signature. And all the rest is true too. “Why Mike?, you may ask….

Zillow, Trulia, stealth web sites and most every major real estate franchise on the planet has their own version of terribly inaccurate home value assessment. Millions utilize the “service” and are then siphoned to their select pool of realtors who pay mightily to grab those types of leads and then hope for a chance to sell your home. Well, I’d like to talk to you as well and unfortunately this is a necessary means to gain that initial access. There you go.

Seasoned buyers and sellers already know this, but now you have a seasoned real estate professional confirming the same. So, what to do if you need good real estate advice?

Well, if you are in Austin, call me of course, but otherwise contact a reputable realtor that has already helped someone you know. Trust me, nothing better than a reference. And I promise–if said referred realtor is worth her salt, she/he will be most happy to provide info, guidance and organic wisdom–whether you are in the market or not. And hopefully not refer to you as a Client For Life 10 minutes from the initial meet.






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