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More than a million women, men and kids marched all over the country yesterday, including right here in Austin. So, what did it accomplish exactly?

Well, for this guy, I’m in the midst of recasting my outlook on the Trump effect. Seems his supporters perceive the rest of the country as  bleeding heart, non-conformist liberals who just won’t give their hero a chance, while non-proponents  tend to cast Trumpians as  wide eyed ignorant bumpkins who’ve  been hoodwinked.

And then we have the so called silent majority. Those who think and feel—perhaps just as deep and with equal conviction, but choose not to participate in the rhetoric. Is it to avoid conflict? Or maybe said  citizen simply does not want to lose precious Facebook friends?

Let’s stop that stereotyping right now! We are all (well mostly) good people who love our country, right?

Now some would say, “Just speak up, cause I want to bash your opinion and call you names–it empowers my endorphins for a moment.”

Ha! I’d bet the farm that Facebook is setting records with “Blocks” and “Unfriending” these past months.

So bad and yet, so sad, yes?

Oh wait! What was that little ruckus that culminated in 1776? Silence or noise?

Fast forward to a lady named Susan B Anthony. I read somewhere that she encouraged a bit of conflict back in the day. And then some guy named Martin Luther King. He sure was a troublesome dude–getting all those people to march till their feet blistered. Especially since so much of white America thought the world was just fine as it stood and so many black people didn’t want to rock the boat.

Look where that got us…

So–to all those who criticize me–or any of my friends or anyone else who exercises their right to protest and demand better–well knock yourself out–cause it’s also your right to speak up and do the same.

Last time I checked, that’s how progress is made.

The divisiveness we see right now is not a new thing. Donald Trump did not cause it, rather  the democratic process has shoveled it front and center. Regardless of whether you are for or against him–it’s showtime! With open mikes!

Sure we often take a step back for every two steps forward (sorry for the cliche), but what the fuck—welcome to the United States. Where freedom rings, yes?

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