Note to preachers and barkers, “Now” is not the time, rather a measurement, and like thelowly yardstick, requires a start and end to be relevant. Therefore, only past and Backwards Clockfuture can be measured, right?

Take that feeling of being truly unwound…relaxed…you know what I’m talking about? Where you actually pay notice to  rustling leaves, hear the chirping birds and then wonder, which tree are they perched in? You feel the breeze on your skin, smell the flowers, breathe on purpose…

Well, some days do not quite arrive like that—agreed?

Cause when you truly  unwind—feel, see, hear and smell, you’ll take the time to remember—wax nostalgic if you will. And when that falling sun turns to dusk and nary a memory comes forth, save the usual reruns, you realize that a bunch of hours, days, weeks—even years have passed you by.

So, how to remain in that state of unwound. Hmmm–will  it cause harm  to avoid the fast paced swirl of work and habit?

Believe me, I’ve tried. To zip degree of success.

Why is that?

Is it an instinctual human defense mechanism that creeps in to prevent boredom? An ADHD fueled response that pushes those damn roses away from my nose?

Enough already! I want to stay unwound. How do I make that happen? Yoga? Meditation? Pay a self righteous, soft spoken guru a small fortune for a couple days of clapping to drums and hugging my seat mates? A book?

Rule all that out—tried it.

Electronics seem to play a big role in this distraction. Do I limit those evil devices? Or use technology to my advantage? So many questions and the same old answers.

Best one I’ve heard lately made me scuffaw. Who told me?

No one. And then again, everyone.

Simply take the time to breathe. Feel the air go in—let it out.


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