Would you believe, likes moonlit nights, hiking, shopping and dancing?

Oh p-l-e-a-s-e…I’m not that guy. Just a dude from Carmel – by way of San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chico and Austin–and back again. Whew! 

Thanks for the clicks that brought you here. You may not agree with my words, but know they always come from the heart.

I always appreciate healthy feedback and even a sick comment now and then. I promise to count backwards from 10, before I reply. Hope your day is awesome.



I want to jump in that picture with a comb and even out that piece of hair that is flying in the wind.


      Read your article on the annual “road map” and have ben a firm believer in such. You can’t get any where unless you know where you’re going.I sold real estate in Chico for 10 years and was a mortgae banker for 9. I was the Paradise Board of Realtors Affiliate of the year for 1994. Been a Mtg Banker in AR for 15 years and still put a plan together for next year, but also review last years plan to see how i did. Seems to work for me.


You’re an incredible writer Mike!


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