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Don’t Wait


Left–right–center, sideways or upside down. Doesn’t matter. The only wrong vote is the one you don’t cast…

Back To It

IMG_2047I’ve had this damn blog since 2009 or so. Posted a couple hundred stories–some were ok, some terrible and lazy and some were fucking awesome.

So last week I decided to strip the site and pull everything down. Not cause I’m embarrassed about the shitty posts, not to reinvent myself, not from ADHD tendencies (well maybe a little), but before I croak one day,  I’d like to have credible representation of my work.

Gonna repost some of the good, bad and ugly and also post a lot of new and original material. My dream state slurs that it may cause me to publish that book, while my sloth side says it’s too hard or too late. We’ll see…

The theme will always head toward the truth–and food (you’ll understand), dirt, smudges and raw expression that needs to go to your “to read now” stack.

Follow me–interact–tell me you love my beautiful writing or blast publicly how much my trashy prose sucks. I don’t give a fuck what you say–just wanna hear from you one way or the other.

Look for my first post–if you are on my Facebook, I’ll remind you!