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Don’t Try To Hide…Cause We’ll Find You…

Decided to trim FB friends and deleted mercilessly. After reboot, seemed awful quiet….then it hit– “Find Friends!” blared the new tab.
Clicked said tab–was immediately hit with a swarm of faces—all with an “add friend” link. Many were those I’d just deleted. Quickly closed and then opened my IPhone to make a call…was attacked by a pop-up which read, “Add your contacts to Facebook.” Feels like atwisted post-mortem joke by Rod Serling…

My Secret’s Out

Today I make a big announcement. The news may shock many of my friends, family and certainly former wives and girlfriends. Been hiding this for so many years.

So often, I would pretend to enjoy the seeming pleasure and almost always conformed to the so-called rules of acceptable social behavior. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at the women in my life—right in the eye, mind you, and emitted a moan of pleasure, coupled with a smile, as I softly whispered…”That was great!”

Well, the lies are over! Today I speak up and the secret will die.

Please don’t judge me for this—I know there are some who will feel betrayed. As if I were living a lie. Well, here goes…

I hate green bean casserole!

No, let me rephrase that. I hate green beans period. Every which way, shape or form.

Sure those nasty little pole dwellers have become chic of late. Middle America restaurant chains have embraced their color and cheapness and it seems cool to order a side. Oh don’t get me started. You can French-cut them, steam ‘em, top ‘em with soggy dehydrated onions or throw the damn things in a rich butter cream sauce. No matter—I will gag every time.

Well no more. Don’t care if it’s your granny’s recipe or you trekked out to the field and picked the miserable suckers yourself, I’m through. Never again will a green bean pass through my lips.

There I said it. Feel much better now….

Sorry Grandma.

Serena Williams Accuses Martinez Sanchez Of Cheating At French Open

Is it just me, or did anyone else totally ignore this story and focus on Serena’s bangin’ bod? My God, look at that carefully dressed, gorgeous babe. Do ya’ think she plans the drama in order to get those cover shots circulated? There is something to be said for an angry woman in short shorts and a fitted, yet overflowing tennis top. Oh yeah, right after the article, there appears a Google ad for the Serena Williams String Bikini. Dear women of the world, please forgive my short veer in to the lane of one-track guydom.
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Nancy Reagan Vanity Fair Interview: “I See Ronnie” At Night, Obama Should Have Invited Me To The White House

It’s always interesting to hear the recollections of one who lived and breathed relevant history. For Pete’s sake though, lets cut the lady some slack on the Tabloid-style headlines. What if this were your grandma? Would you let her reminisce and share the good, as well as the tough memories and then chalk up the rest to senility perhaps? Or do you listen with a careful respect and then when the door closes behind you, dog her in front of the entire world? Even Obama joined in on the taunts, though he had the dignity to call and apologize. Come on, at least leave her alone while she’s alive….
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