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Charlie Brown

Seems to me, the Internet has evolved an ever so paranoid society of people who replace that handshake with a quick Google name search or an exhausting prowl through those Facebook pics and posts. Ronald Reagan had a favorite little thought (pre-internet)….”Trust, but verify.”

Do we take that too far? Or finally, have the means to be transparent and then weed out the shadows?

Or, did that extra cup of coffee get me thinking too much this Sunday morning?

Don’t Jump!

Touchy-feely or grunt ‘n snort?

To view through the heart and then go with your gut…will either be the best or worst approach…ever.

Sometimes though, my vote goes to ignorance and rose-colored glasses. The train may wreck in the end, but what a fab ride to the station, hahaha

Top 10: Things She Wants You To Notice cut your hair?

Hmm….this may explain a thing or two. Ah well, time to head back to my cave; maybe gnaw on a chicken leg and then log in some cussin’, spittin’ ‘n scratchin’ time. Gulp! Anyone seen the remote? Gulp! hahahaha

Top 10: Things She Wants You To Notice.