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Blah to Hurrah

From blah to hurrah! ….woke up this morning…pulled jeans from washer—tossed ‘em in the dryer. Took a last look for stray socks—and there lay 3 soaking wet $20 dollar bills. That never gets old, hahaha

There They Go Again

Appears to be two sets of rules in place. Oh wait, according to the article, there are no rules for the banks. Perhaps if consequences were initiated, the morbidly obese banking centers will feel pressure to solve the crises. As it stands, we bailed them out big time yet they steadfastly refuse to help solve the individual customers’ problems. Seems in a few decades this will be great fodder for the updated history and economic books. No less so than the Savings and Loan fiasco of the 80’s or even that long ago bank panic of 1873. Let’s force their hands…after all it was and is our hands that feed them…
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Jim Cramer: Buy A House Now, Calls Housing Bottom

Oh such negativity on the early comments to this post. Let’s diss Cramer cause he’s easy to make fun of. To be honest, he’s not my favorite pundit, but I think he’s right on the money this time. Sure, there may be a bit more falling of the prices, but interest rates are still rock bottom and the deals are astounding. Trump made his fortune at the bottom of many a real estate market. If you have the means to do so, listen to Cramer and then call him an idiot to save face. The classic mistake of the past market was to wait till the market headed up and then hope all other elements of the “perfect storm” remain stable. Make no mistake–this is an incredible time to buy.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.
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AOL’s History In Photos

Unfortunately for AOL, they failed to change with the Times (no pun intended). This lesson tends to be repeated over and over–see GM, Circuit City and the U.S. Postal Service. To revive this company seems akin to taking over a VHS vendor.

As a former AOL junkie though, I hope the new leadership will send them in a direction that makes sense. Start by tossing out the irritating gremlin that says “You’ve got mail!”
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U.S. Government Expected To Own 70% Of GM

I am pleased to see our government so involved in business. From cars to banking to insurance, it’s a dream come true. Perhaps they can introduce the business model for the US Post Office? Oh, wait, I forgot, they are losing their bums too. I will concede that we are in such a colossal mess, there may be few options to save these industries. We elected these Joes (and Joannes) to take action and effect results, so I suppose they should do their jobs and the public should keep quiet.


Please tell us, after the untold billions are spent and it’s the end of the day, what’s different? How do we get repaid? Are we merely prolonging the agony? What;s the exit strategy?

Though I’m glad to see no one is rolling over to die, it seems that we, the taxpayers, as the true owners of these companies at least deserve the respect that common shareholders receive. Heck, we had no choice, but to invest.
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Who’s Scared

I read the headline about our economic state this morning, “EVEN DR. DOOM IS SCARED.”

Gotta love that journalistic spin on things, eh? I suppose I understand the concept of active writing to lure in the reader and I certainly appreciate that it will sell more ads. Of course, if I were an advertiser, I may freak out as well, and pull my bucks out of the media. After all, if we are in such dire straits, I mustn’t spend more money.

No doubt the country is struggling in a historic way. It is tough, tragic and sometimes depressing. I ask though, where the hell are the cheerleaders? Other than our president and a few trade associations (including CAR and NAR), all I hear is news of imminent destruction. Okay, I get it! On the other hand, if we are to win this one, we need to get fired up to go at it harder.

My day blog (click on it above) speaks of my viewpoint on fear.

Have a beautiful day.