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My 13-year-old son Nick and I like to frequent a local restaurant. Decent food, extra nice service and they’ve memorized our order. Last night was no different—we sat, ordered, munched our food and bantered a bit with the female servers. I noticed though, off near the kitchen, one of the ladies walked up to the other staff and gave them each a big hug. Thought to myself, “Something is going on. Must be her last day here.”

Too bad, cause her absence would certainly reduce the staff “hotness.”

I asked my boy what he thought. “Naw Dad,” he said. “Just hugs. That’s what girls do.”

Profound statement to be sure, but I had to disagree. Told him I’d ask on the way out—when we pay the tab.

“That would be embarrassing,” he muttered.

Ah, one thing my son knows though—I’ll dig for the answer, no matter the cost.

So we finished up, gathered our electronics (I-Phone, Nintendo DS) and then headed to the cash register. Several of the ladies were chatting a storm, which in Nick’s words, “That’s what girls do too.” No matter—perfect opportunity to seek an answer to this most important question.

“How was everything?” asked the blonde and most gorgeous cashier.

“Good, as always,” I replied. At this point, Nick was squirming a little. I shot a quick wink to settle his pubescent nerves. “So, I noticed Anne hugged you all when she left. Is this her last night here?”

Almost in unison, the bevy of apron clad beauties burst in a giggle. “No, no,” spoke amber-haired Chrissie, who seemed especially perky this night. “That’s what we always do—when we are done with the shift. Lots of hugs. We’re a close bunch, hahaha.”

“Wow!” I said, as Nick’s eyebrows formed that I told you so furrow. “That is so cool. No wonder you are all so friendly here.”

“We just love each other and it’s great,” all replied in near unison.

I proceeded to run my ATM card and then thought to ask Chrissie, “Maybe you should hug the customers as they leave too, yes?”

Little did I know the leverage of those words. Suddenly all four of the ever so glowing girl candies raised their eyes and harmonized with the warmest “Awww…” I’ve ever heard. Before we could blink, they surrounded us unsuspecting boys and passed out big full hugs, one by one. Quite a scene—Nick’s head spun and I kinda just soaked it up. Chrissie even snuck a quick peck on my cheek.

“That’s a such a great idea!” said the blonde cashier, whose name I still don’t know. “We’ll keep it in mind. Now you boys have a great night.”

“Um, sure, we will now,” I called, as we stumbled through the door toward the truck.

Seated now, with safety belts fastened, I asked Nick, “What did you think of that bud?”

“Told you so.”

“Best line ever, “ I gloated.

“Whatever Dad,” he mumbled as he fired up his game.

With a big grin, I simply drove off in silence…and pondered to myself; if there were a way to convert that word power to fuel…would heat a lotta homes, hahaha.

Sex As a Weapon: Works For Me

Seems North Korea surprises us every month. Huge troop build-ups we miss, long-range missile stockpiles and now a sparkling new nuclear facility. And it all happens while our best men are supposed to be monitoring the friggin’ country. Could it be that unique approach used by the Korean special guard to patrol those hot beds of activity?  Bring it on Mata Hari–I’ll look the other way…hahaha

Holey Moley!!

Oh my. Other than that, I have only one thing to say…oh my.
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MAKE A SPLASH: The World’s Most Famous Swimsuits (SLIDESHOW)

As I sipped my morning coffee and absorbed the daily news and opinions, this swimsuit slideshow popped out and put me on a cloud. Then someone decided to play a cruel joke by slipping a shot of Borat and Michael Phelps in the mix. Turned that hot java to tepid in an instant.
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