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Remember your NY resolutions from last year? Seems even the anti-resolutionists had some thought of adjustment for those 12 months of 2012….if only in thought.

When it’s a chore to come up with some way to improve yourself, perhaps better left to keep on gulping champagne, cause nothing will change.

In the spirit of simple, easy to remember and oh so very close to home, I have made only two…

  • Get over it!
  • Be present in the present.

Happy New Year!

Get over it


Steve Jobs’ demise brings forth insight to the man who innovated his way to the top of the world. In particular, he spoke of “live every day as if it is your last.” Look what it did to his business and life. What a gift he left….if ever you may open it…

Flattery is Power

I have a new favorite person. Her name is Idayla, from Costco. As she rang up the sale, she looked at the photo on my card and then back to me. Her eyes squinted and she looked again. “You look much younger than this picture,” she said. Woulda kissed her, if not for the line behind… hahaha


Politics! Science, psychology! Blah, blah, blah…

Yup, the intellectual world inspires. Piques my interest and adds  fire to the deep talk. To discuss concept, add spin to a time-tested theory or simply to dissect reason…

It’s all good, yes?

But…at the end of the day, this is what satisfies me…

Thoughts of dinner and decisions of couch position for TV.

Adding a log to the fire and soft jammies.

Clean sheets, warm blankets and hot chocolate.

A close up smile, a touch.

To fall asleep with a smile.

Yes, action speaks louder than words…