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Costco or Disneyland?

Costco or Disneyland?

The dark side of Costco…

People in line behind me…

Could almost Photoshop the background to be a dentist wait room—where so far he’s an hour behind schedule, hahaha

To Do


In the spirit of Facebook and Seinfeld, where mundane is order of the day, I am compelled to publicly ponder…my approach…to laundry.
Better to:
(a) Wash clothes when hampers are full?
(b) Wait till I run out of wearable clothes and just buy more hampers?
(c) Get the hell off Facebook and enjoy this beautiful Saturday?


Charlie Brown

Seems to me, the Internet has evolved an ever so paranoid society of people who replace that handshake with a quick Google name search or an exhausting prowl through those Facebook pics and posts. Ronald Reagan had a favorite little thought (pre-internet)….”Trust, but verify.”

Do we take that too far? Or finally, have the means to be transparent and then weed out the shadows?

Or, did that extra cup of coffee get me thinking too much this Sunday morning?


Remember your NY resolutions from last year? Seems even the anti-resolutionists had some thought of adjustment for those 12 months of 2012….if only in thought.

When it’s a chore to come up with some way to improve yourself, perhaps better left to keep on gulping champagne, cause nothing will change.

In the spirit of simple, easy to remember and oh so very close to home, I have made only two…

  • Get over it!
  • Be present in the present.

Happy New Year!

Get over it


ImageSo…where’s that grand idea now? You know, the project you were so excited about…not so long ago?

Is it sitting on your desk? Stored on a hard drive? In your head still?

Or…have you birthed…and then grown it through action steps?



What to do when Saturday is half over and I still sit at the computer, wearing pajamas? How does the energy shift from blah to motivation?

Is it because no one, or no event calls for action?

Or maybe, cause the closed drapes lock out the light, thus shielding me from an active world outside?

Perhaps the abundance of possible activities overwhelms to cause brain freeze….

Could go for a walk, work in the yard, head to the gym, drive to town, hop on the Harley, call a friend or have a conversation with my son. To read a book is possible—or there might be a good movie. Ah, here’s an idea…could write in my book. That’s a major start-stop project that begs attention.

“Dad,” my son speaks, as he walks toward his room. “I’m tired. Think I’ll take a little nap.”

Okay, it’s getting really desolate now.

Choices, choices, choices. Made one—wrote this blog.

Next choice is… no more choices. Open up the house (just did) to let in fresh air and sunshine. Watch the falling leaves swirl, while the birds and squirrels go about their business.

Feeling that energy soar.

Let’s see how the day unfolds.

Life is good.