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It’s OK…


It’s a warm breezy night under that bright hanging moon and hundred billion stars … you’d think it be desolate and alone. Instead…as I look up to infinity, feeling like a piece of the whole. A few thousand miles does not seem so far tonight. Get out there and breathe…


More than a million women, men and kids marched all over the country yesterday, including right here in Austin. So, what did it accomplish exactly?

Well, for this guy, I’m in the midst of recasting my outlook on the Trump effect. Seems his supporters perceive the rest of the country as  bleeding heart, non-conformist liberals who just won’t give their hero a chance, while non-proponents  tend to cast Trumpians as  wide eyed ignorant bumpkins who’ve  been hoodwinked.

And then we have the so called silent majority. Those who think and feel—perhaps just as deep and with equal conviction, but choose not to participate in the rhetoric. Is it to avoid conflict? Or maybe said  citizen simply does not want to lose precious Facebook friends?

Let’s stop that stereotyping right now! We are all (well mostly) good people who love our country, right?

Now some would say, “Just speak up, cause I want to bash your opinion and call you names–it empowers my endorphins for a moment.”

Ha! I’d bet the farm that Facebook is setting records with “Blocks” and “Unfriending” these past months.

So bad and yet, so sad, yes?

Oh wait! What was that little ruckus that culminated in 1776? Silence or noise?

Fast forward to a lady named Susan B Anthony. I read somewhere that she encouraged a bit of conflict back in the day. And then some guy named Martin Luther King. He sure was a troublesome dude–getting all those people to march till their feet blistered. Especially since so much of white America thought the world was just fine as it stood and so many black people didn’t want to rock the boat.

Look where that got us…

So–to all those who criticize me–or any of my friends or anyone else who exercises their right to protest and demand better–well knock yourself out–cause it’s also your right to speak up and do the same.

Last time I checked, that’s how progress is made.

The divisiveness we see right now is not a new thing. Donald Trump did not cause it, rather  the democratic process has shoveled it front and center. Regardless of whether you are for or against him–it’s showtime! With open mikes!

Sure we often take a step back for every two steps forward (sorry for the cliche), but what the fuck—welcome to the United States. Where freedom rings, yes?

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spider_and_the_fly3Hint to my non realtor friends–If you see a link that says, “Click Here to Instantly Find Out What Your Home’s  Worth,” here is the extended translation…

Leveraging curiosity to get you to my landing page, capture your email and phone number in attempt to gain permission to call, email and then stick you in a drip marketing campaign till you either break down and do business with me, unsubscribe or die. Oh yea, the ‘instant value‘ is based on inflexible algorithms that contain as many factors that do not apply as do. In effect, you will be confused by the result and perhaps be inspired to call me for further detail, cause I have the wisdom that the other thousands of realtors do not. You know that to be true, cause of this clever link in my email signature, yes?

OK, I’ll admit I have that type of link in my email signature. And all the rest is true too. “Why Mike?, you may ask….

Zillow, Trulia, stealth web sites and most every major real estate franchise on the planet has their own version of terribly inaccurate home value assessment. Millions utilize the “service” and are then siphoned to their select pool of realtors who pay mightily to grab those types of leads and then hope for a chance to sell your home. Well, I’d like to talk to you as well and unfortunately this is a necessary means to gain that initial access. There you go.

Seasoned buyers and sellers already know this, but now you have a seasoned real estate professional confirming the same. So, what to do if you need good real estate advice?

Well, if you are in Austin, call me of course, but otherwise contact a reputable realtor that has already helped someone you know. Trust me, nothing better than a reference. And I promise–if said referred realtor is worth her salt, she/he will be most happy to provide info, guidance and organic wisdom–whether you are in the market or not. And hopefully not refer to you as a Client For Life 10 minutes from the initial meet.






Joy of the Mall

Want to go from that self induced “Stayin’ Alive” swagger and reduce yourself to “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”gee-whiz guy? Walk in to Victoria’s Secret and ask where the socks are. You’ll get a sympathetic smile to boot. Worked for me… 


I recently had a visit from a woman at an open house. She spent quite a while telling me hoSanta-Clarita-Home-Multiple-Offers-Highest-And-Bestw God led her to that home and it was meant to be hers, because God spoke to her and made her follow the signs. I told her that unless God could handle Docu-Sign, she best have her realtor write a contract. She was beat out by a cash offer. Ah well…

Colored Days

Black Friday is a day to kick off retail sales—throw in a few loss leaders to convince consumers it’s time to warm up the shopping

A practice run if you will, to prepare for the biggest shopping season of the year.

Whether half price clothing at the women boutiques, cheap TVs at Best Buy or discounted-discount items at Wal-Mart, this has become an event that arguably deserves it’s own spot on the holiday calendar.

In that spirit, I’d like to see something akin to “Platinum Monday.”

Commence that day where we offer huge discounts on something else important. Maybe give the stuff away for free.

Like what, you may ask?

How about cheap love?

Umm, that may not have come out right. I’ll rephrase it—maybe we could pass out love with less exchange. Unconditional perhaps? Just for the day. Uncross those arms and move through preconceived notions and prejudice. Understand that hate is fueled by fear–and fear is simply the absence of love.

Which boils down to an old adage—If you are afraid, you are thinking of yourself.

Think about that for a minute.

I won’t essay so much on other giveaways and discounts—though I could. Yea, there could be fire sales on acts of kindness, two-for-one hugs and tons of smiles on the end caps. Create an easy exchange program: “Two free gratitudes for every lick of anger.”

Don’t get me started…

Instead I’ll make a stab-in-the-dark proposal for you and me. To designate this next Monday as Platinum Monday. And the following Monday too.

See if it jump starts us toward the biggest love season of the year.

Anyway, if you are diving in  the sales this weekend—Happy Black Friday!