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Pre 9-11 Rant…

The best example of hyper focus leading to avoidance…we can send a rocket to the stars, communicate instantly anywhere on the planet and store the bulk of the world’s data on a cloud server…but…we cannot get our shit together and cohabitate in peace. Not for lack of a gazillion so-called diplomatic efforts. Goes to show that human nature is the science we may never master…or at least the art of accepting other agendas, without forcing our own—and vice versa…

Let Women Wear the Hijab: The Emptiness of Obama’s Cairo Speech

This is an excellent, albeit slanted view toward Obama’s words. Yet, like a complex plate of well prepared food, one can certainly pick apart the pieces and lay them out separately on the table. From a small mound of salt, to the braised chicken and even the ugly truffle shavings– on their own, each will underwhelm. Put them all together though, add a great party and they will shine. The sum of the parts is what the people will walk away with.
About Obama Mideast Trip
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911 Suspect Waterboarded (Poor Guy–)

Just read an article that states the alleged planner of the 9-11 attacks was “waterboarded” several hundred times during attempts to gain information. Seems there are many who consider this technique (which basically dunks him under water and causes drowning fear) torture. Well, maybe it is torture and perhaps it does not meet the standards of ethical treatment in our part of the world community. I have to say though, I am still really angry about those attacks and feel there is no torture too severe for such a pariah of humankind. This will go against many of my friend’s beliefs, but I will not apologize for how I feel about it. To forgive is certainly divine, but this bastard is an exception…..