Kim Who?

Just watched “The Interview.” Our theatre missed out on a North Korean invasion, so that’s a good thing.

Was it funny? …..sure, kinda.

Was it in poor taste? ….some parts maybe.

Did it justify Kim Jong-un’s tirades and threats toward Sony and the U.S.? ….well, if I were him, it mighta pissed me off some.

Final assessment—Free speech rocks! We are so lucky to live here…


Joy of the Mall

Want to go from that self induced “Stayin’ Alive” swagger and reduce yourself to “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”gee-whiz guy? Walk in to Victoria’s Secret and ask where the socks are. You’ll get a sympathetic smile to boot. Worked for me… 


I recently had a visit from a woman at an open house. She spent quite a while telling me hoSanta-Clarita-Home-Multiple-Offers-Highest-And-Bestw God led her to that home and it was meant to be hers, because God spoke to her and made her follow the signs. I told her that unless God could handle Docu-Sign, she best have her realtor write a contract. She was beat out by a cash offer. Ah well…

Colored Days

Black Friday is a day to kick off retail sales—throw in a few loss leaders to convince consumers it’s time to warm up the shopping

A practice run if you will, to prepare for the biggest shopping season of the year.

Whether half price clothing at the women boutiques, cheap TVs at Best Buy or discounted-discount items at Wal-Mart, this has become an event that arguably deserves it’s own spot on the holiday calendar.

In that spirit, I’d like to see something akin to “Platinum Monday.”

Commence that day where we offer huge discounts on something else important. Maybe give the stuff away for free.

Like what, you may ask?

How about cheap love?

Umm, that may not have come out right. I’ll rephrase it—maybe we could pass out love with less exchange. Unconditional perhaps? Just for the day. Uncross those arms and move through preconceived notions and prejudice. Understand that hate is fueled by fear–and fear is simply the absence of love.

Which boils down to an old adage—If you are afraid, you are thinking of yourself.

Think about that for a minute.

I won’t essay so much on other giveaways and discounts—though I could. Yea, there could be fire sales on acts of kindness, two-for-one hugs and tons of smiles on the end caps. Create an easy exchange program: “Two free gratitudes for every lick of anger.”

Don’t get me started…

Instead I’ll make a stab-in-the-dark proposal for you and me. To designate this next Monday as Platinum Monday. And the following Monday too.

See if it jump starts us toward the biggest love season of the year.

Anyway, if you are diving in  the sales this weekend—Happy Black Friday!

How Do You Know?

So you pull out of the mall parking lot, ever so slowly. Standing on the side is woman holding sign. Says, “My kids are hungry. PleaseImage help.”
How do you know?
What do you do?
Look in her eyes. You still may not know, but…..
You will know what to do.
With all the money we toss and waste–why not chance it?
Even just once……

Costco or Disneyland?

Costco or Disneyland?

The dark side of Costco…

People in line behind me…

Could almost Photoshop the background to be a dentist wait room—where so far he’s an hour behind schedule, hahaha